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A Quick Hello Before the Storm

April 27, 2011

Sign Up for Nixle.com; Library Update; Our Trip to Biltmore

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Michelle Sisco/ Azaleas at Biltmore Gardens

I'm writing this as scary storms are headed our way, so I'm keeping it short and to the point.

With all the bad weather we've had of late, I wanted to remind you to sign up for Nixle - http://www.nixle.com/. You can get weather and traffic emails AND texts. I find the texts to be the most valuable.  As an FYI, tornado sirens indicate severe thunderstorms as well as tornadoes - nixle will let you know if there's actually a true tornado warning. Not that either should be taken lightly. But last week when we had multiple sirens throughout the night, it was the text message at 2am from nixle that got me out of bed. Curious about the Cobb County sirens? CLICK HERE for information about them.

Some news on the libraries. With cutbacks, Cobb County Libraries will have new hours of operation beginning May 1st. Unfortunately, many of the local libraries will be closed now on Fridays AND Saturdays too, which will obviously affect the weekend programming. Make sure to CLICK HERE to see your library's new hours and check the schedule for programming changes.

On to happier things - the biggest news for SVM Macaroni Kid this week is the launch of Macaroni Deals. See the first article on how you can get your deals - get Twisted Taco Smyrna for only $8 while you can! Please sign up and tell your friends about our new deal site!

Finally, we had an amazing trip to Biltmore in Asheville last weekend. I'll report on Biltmore in upcoming issues, but for right now, I just wanted to let you know that if you are thinking about a quick weekend getaway, this is one I recommend! The flowers are simply amazing. I've never seen such color! The Festival of Flowers continues through May 15, so you can get there while everything is still in bloom.  The Inn on Biltmore Estate  has a "Stay 3 Nights for the Price of 2" special going on, and if you can take advantage of it, do! It's simply a phenomenal place. The kids had a blast. There was so much green - so many places they could run. The pool is heated and has a gorgeous view of the mountains.  Three of us had a fabulous dinner at Cedric's Tavern (Antler Hill Village). The fourth, Jack,  fell asleep at the table before his meal came. Poor kid - he simply had too much fun. But back to Cedric's - the best part about dinner...homemade hot pretzel rolls. That did it for me!  Anyway, I posted a number of my photos on Facebook and you can view them by CLICKING HERE. Look at the azaleas and tulips...really, it was out of this world.  Visit http://www.biltmore.com/ and get all the information on specials, activities, hotels...you name it.

I'm going to shut down and go look for flashlights. Stay safe...forecast for the weekend is beautiful at least!


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