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It's Dinosaur Birthday Bash Weekend at Fernbank

August 18, 2011

Highlights For The Week, Giveaways, and Family-Friendly Events in Smyrna, Vinings, Marietta & Beyond

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Drew and I spent last Friday at Fernbank Museum of Natural History


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Welcome to Megasaurus Macaroni Kid. Above, you'll see Drew, pictured with a Stegosaurus at Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Last Friday we were visitors of the museum (our last adventure before the start of school), and gazed at the giant Argentinosaurus (the largest dinosaur to ever walk the Earth), a Giganotosaurus, a flock of Pterodaustro, and much more. Okay, I mean, we were checking out their bones. But dinosaur bones are pretty cool. Especially if you're a kid - or an archaeologist. Or a kid who wants to be an archaeologist. But I digress..

This weekend, if your child is into dinosaurs, then you just may want to head over to Fernbank yourself for the Dinosaur Birthday Bash Weekend (10th Anniversary!).  Special events will take place on Saturday from 10am to 3pm, and on Sunday from 12pm to 4pm (The museum is open until 5pm each day). Scheduled activities include dinosaur party games, free birthday ice cream courtesy of Bruster's, a birthday hat craft, dinosaur photo opportunities, dinosaur tattoos, Dr. Dinosaur Puppet Show by Lee Bryan, Dinosaur Train Games and Giveaways with Georgia Public Broadcasting and much more! CLICK HERE to view the complete schedule so you don't miss out on any of the fun! And a tip - get there EARLY. This event brings crowds!

Yesterday the museum was giving away tickets to the event on their Facebook Page HERE. Check it out as there may be more giveaways to come! And if you're on twitter, here's something for you: The dinosaurs must not be extinct because this one is tweeting @Giggy_A_Dino  (and giving away tickets!)

While we were at the museum, Drew also experienced his first IMAX® film - Tornado Alley. My child is obsessed with tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes - what can I say...he's a boy! I haven't been to an IMAX® movie in a long time, and we really enjoyed it. Now, I just have to worry about Drew deciding he wants to be a storm chaser. If you're interested in Tornado Alley, it's only showing through September 1st, so hurry up! Read more HERE about the museum's IMAX® theatre.

Now, our real purpose for visiting the museum that day was to see the relatively new NatureQuest exhibit. There's a fun intro video on the website - let your kids watch it before you go. I'm sorry Jack wasn't with us because he would have LOVED this. Drew, not surprisingly, had a blast. From tots on up, NatureQuest is the ultimate indoor children's playground - and they'll be climbing in trees, walking the canopy bridge, or hanging out under the virtual waterfall for hours if you let them. Drew would have stayed all day. But not everything's virtual... watch out for live snakes, turtles and other surprises! 

Let your child investigate a variety of ecosystems and explore! Be on the lookout for microscopes, fossils, books and activity cards. My favorite part of the exhibit was the virtual river - unfortunately my camera couldn't really capture it. You'll just have to go and see for yourself!

I hope everyone is transitioning well back into school...this week has been a little rough, but hopefully we'll be on schedule soon. Even my dogs are out of whack. Or whacked. Bella is suddenly demanding walks at 6:30am, and she's normally still snoring by my bed at 9. I guess there's change in the air...

Have a great weekend. Jack is turning four on Monday - I really can't believe it. So this weekend is "All About Jack". And I'll have lots to tell you about our adventures in next week's edition! (Hopefully, all good things!)

I also have a goal for next week - I'm going to try to do an article which lists all the various discounts within this newsletter in one place (eg. Discount tickets for Sesame Street Live, for Disney on Ice, for Motherhood: The Musical; discounts from Macaroni Kid partners...). But for now, you're going to have to read on!


AKA "Momma" to Drew and "MOMMY!!!!!!" to Jack


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