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CD REVIEW: Let it Out, by Mike Schmid

December 15, 2011

Michelle Elliott - Coon Rapids, MN Publisher

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Mike Schmid's fifth solo album is for kids of ALL ages. Let It Out is about expressing yourself in every possible way: dancing, dreaming, painting, singing. It is about being yourself in every situation, a message that is resonant to kids and adults alike. For Mike, this album was a perfect opportunity to work with his 4-year-old son in the studio, a natural inspiration for songwriting.

I recently received a copy of Let it Out for review and listened to it with my kids. They were inspired by the music and lyrics. They have been singing "Let's Have a Party" and "Shake It" as they dance around the house. I really loved the messages that Mike relayed in his songs. These songs aren't all about dancing and singing along (although we did dance & sing), all of the songs had a deeper meaning.  Telling kids to "Be Yourself", "Go Easy" and "Dream".  Excellent songwriting and compelling music and lyrics make this CD a great pick! 

Find more information on Mike Schmid and his music at mikeschmid.com.