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January 25, 2012

Some Helpful Tips for Using This Site - My Macaroni & Facebook!

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If you are on Facebook, than be sure to LIKE the Smyrna Vinings Marietta Macaroni Kid Facebook Page. Why? If you like our giveaways, you can almost always get bonus chances to win by being a Facebook Fan! But that's not the main reason. SVM Macaroni Kid is a community resource. I don't update this website daily, but I do post deals & discounts, new events and items of interest on the FB page consistently. And, it's a great source of information. Have a question about something happening in the community? Email me at [email protected] and (depending on the question!) I can post it on the FB page for you. While you CAN post yourself, it's more likely people will see posts if I do the posting. I know I had questions about Disney World, and thanks to my FB fans, they were all answered within hours! So CLICK HERE to like us on Facebook, and please do check in and like posts and comment now and again. It's nice to hear from you!


Have you spent all week sifting through the papers, stacks of magazines, pamphlets and flyers looking for things to do, only to get to the car on the day of, and not have the address for where you're going? Then you have to unload everyone, head back inside, look up the address, print out the page, only to arrive exhausted, and late. Well, now you can STOP!

Macaroni Kid to the rescue! (Insert dramatic music here.) This weekly newsletter is a one stop source for area event listings so enjoy! And, using the My Macaroni Function of this site can be a very handy tool to make things even easier for you!

What is “My Macaroni?”

Have you ever wished to have an extra hour or two in your day? Who hasn't?  Well, My Macaroni gives you that freedom.

My Macaroni is a feature that allows you to build your own personalized list of events from this site. Macaroni Kid Buckhead-Brookhaven covers a broad area, so you can choose events from right next door, or venture out a little.

One paper, with addresses, phone numbers, times, and prices - all in one convenient list!

How does it work?

1. Simply click on the “Add to My Macaroni” button under each event that you might want to check out.
2. When you are done, go to the “My Macaroni”  tab on the left side of the screen, and it will take you to your personalized list of family fun events all around our area.
3. Next, click “Download PDF.”  You'll get a nice, clean PDF to print out or email to friends, family, or even pass out to playgroups so everyone will be on the same page.

TIP: Make your shopping list on the back, and you will have everything you need on one convenient sheet!

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