Putting My Macaroni Kid To Work....

January 25, 2012

SVM Macaroni Kid - Your Weekly Events & Activities Newsletter

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I am short on words tonight. It's just been one of those weeks  - spread too thin! One day I'm on the (very chilly) set of The Vampire Diaries coordinating interviews for The CW website, the next I'm setting up radio tours for editors from MONEY Magazine about how to invest in 2012. Today I've been getting this issue together, but also scheduling more interviews, this time for IronE Singleton (T-Dog!) of The Walking Dead (for you fans out there) and making sure everyone in town knows that LAUGHING PIZZA is having a Concert Movie Premiere at Georgia Aquarium Ocean's Ballroom on February 4th (there...did I get everyone in?)....

Luckily I have my personal marketing intern, Jack, to help spread the word about Macaroni Kid! If the child pictured here handed you a postcard (of himself), tried to bribe you with a strand of Mardi Gras beads or a sticker, or offered up his autograph at Twisted Taco, it was his idea. Seriously. My next PR client is ready...he just needs his first big break.

And with that said, I'm going to try to get the little guy in bed, hit publish on this week's edition, and crash. Actually my computer keeps crashing and I can't access my photos, so I may have a long night ahead... Really, is it only Wednesday?

Well... we have some fun giveaways this week, and of course, listings of all the best things to do around town. Read on and have a great week!

PS: I'm working on the Summer Camp Guide. If you or someone you know may be interested in advertising with us, please have them contact me at [email protected]!


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