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i9 Sports Now Open for Smyrna/Mableton/Marietta

June 28, 2012

Register Your Child Today for Fall Soccer, Flag Football or Cheerleading!

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Have you heard of i9 sports? If not, get excited! i9 Sports is redefining youth sports across the nation. And a new franchise has just opened in this area, open to residents of Smyrna, Mableton, Marietta, Austell, Powder Springs & Sandy Springs too. They believe that participation in an organized youth sport activity is about more than just playing sports, it’s about paying attention to what a child and his/her parents “experience” when the child is playing. i9 Sports Area Developers create and provide an unparalleled experience in organization, convenience, safety, instruction, and fun athletic recreation.

What makes i9 different? Read these FAQs....

1. Who can sign up? Boys and girls ages 4-14 for flag football, 3-14 for soccer and cheerleading.

2. How long is the season? The season usually runs for 8 weeks including an Opening Day Jamboree.

3. How much does the program cost? Programs start at $139 and up. If you book early, you can save more!

4. What’s included in the program? Your child will enjoy eight weeks of fun, including an opening day Jamboree, healthy exercise and learning with children of the same age. Your child’s i9 Sports jersey  (or cheer uniform) is included for free! We also provide a free mouth-guard ($3) and free Sports Magnet of your child ($6).

5. How often do you practice? Once a week, right before the game. One easy trip!

6. Does my child have to try out? No. Everyone is welcome.

7. What about safety? We’re serious about safety. That’s why we play flag football instead of tackle football. It’s why we run a background check on every coach. Safety first!

8. What will my child learn? Basic skills, self-confidence, teamwork, cooperation with others, problem-solving and good sportsmanship.

9. Do you have fundraisers? No. We’ll never ask you to fundraise for us.

10. Can I volunteer if I want to? Yes! Contact the i9 Sports staff for information and support. We’re always looking for exceptional coaches – we even provide the handbook, rules book, and practice guides. You’ll have all the tools and resources you need to be a successful coach!

11. Do you keep score? Yes, but we’re not obsessed with it. We give weekly awards based on sportsmanship to teach our kids which is more important.

12. Can all my children play on the same team? Absolutely! They can bring their friends along, too.

Jig Pandya is the Franchise Owner for the new i9 Sports – Atlanta/Sandy Springs/Marietta/Smyrna/Mableton/Powder Springs/Austell. The inaugural Fall Season (for kids 3-14) will launch in September and games will be held at Nickajack Elementary in Smyrna. Fall sports include Co-ed Flag Football, Co-ed Soccer, and Cheerleading.

Why did you open an i9 Sports franchise here?

Since graduation, I’ve been involved extensively in sports.  I was fortunate to be a true student-athlete as a NCAA tennis player and was very involved in all intramural sports at the University of South Carolina.  I was afforded the ability to be a coach and mentor to numerous players in the sports of tennis and basketball.  While I have a natural affinity for sports, I also greatly enjoy seeing the development of children. 

Having the combination of both sports and kids, i9 Sports was the perfect franchise as an investment.  There are a total of 6 franchises in metro-Atlanta with mine being the most recent.  We’re extremely excited about developing this franchise covering South Cobb County and Sandy Springs.

What is about i9 Sports that was attractive as an investment?
There are over 42 million kids playing organized sports across the country every year.  Obviously, the demand for youth sports is very high in metro-Atlanta.  We feel strongly the opportunity to provide parents the largest youth sports franchise in the nation was the right investment.  With the attention to details of professional management, to the once a week commitment for parents, and to the no requirements of fundraising, no tryouts, no drafts, and volunteer concessions, there is a lot of practical logic with the operations of our business, especially with the busy lifestyles of dual-income households.

How would you describe the concept of i9 Sports?
The whole premise of i9 Sports is FUN for the Kids & Freedom for the Parents!  While I couldn’t list all the great features and benefits we provide here, I would highly encourage parents to visit us online at i9sports.com and also visit us on Facebook to see why over 44,000 parents across the country love us!

Inaugural 2012 Fall Season Details:

Children ages 3 – 14 (Boys and Girls)
WHAT: 2012 Fall: Co-ed Flag Football (4 – 14) & Co-ed Soccer (3 – 14) & Cheerleading (3 – 14)
WHEN: Saturdays from 9am to 4pm with our 8-week season of fun & learning from September 22nd through November 10th
WHERE: Nickajack Elementary School at 4555 Mavell Rd., Smyrna, GA 30082   
WHY: Kids just want to have tons of fun!
HOW:  Online registration is quick and secure for Flag Football, Soccer, or Cheerleading. You can also call us at (770) 544-7000 to book today as we have limited spaces available. The earlier you register, the more you’ll save from our $139 Registration Fee, which also includes a FREE Mouth-guard ($3) & FREE Magnet of your child’s picture ($6) and a FREE i9 Sports reversible jersey ($20) or Cheer Uniform ($30)!

For more information, please visit the website by CLICKING HERE or call 770/544-7000
Sign up for the Fall League today!

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