Macaroni Kid Discount at GEORGIA AQUARIUM!

July 25, 2012

Are you a Macaroni Kid Subscriber? Here's Another Reason to Join the Macaroni Kid Family!

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Macaroni Kid is excited to announce that we now have a special Macaroni Kid Discount at the Georgia Aquarium for our readers! To get this discount on tickets as well as on annual passes you must purchase your tickets online. Simply CLICK HERE to go directly to the Macaroni Kid Discount Page. 

Georgia Aquarium's new all-inclusive ticket is called the Total Ticket. This ticket provides general admission to all six permanent galleries of the Aquarium, the new AT&T Dolphin Tales show, Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow, and access to the travelling exhibit gallery when offered, such as the current exhibit, “Frogs: a Chorus of Color”. For all of the shows and activities now available with the new Total Ticket, you would formerly have had to pay almost $50. The new one-price Total Ticket represents up to 40% savings for those who opted for all of these experiences previously.

DISCOUNT PRICING! During the summer, the public Total Ticket price for adults is $34.95. The current MK Discount price is $31.95 and that will drop to $27.95 on weekdays after school begins. The public price for a Child's Total Ticket is $28.95 and with the MK Discount it is $25.95, dropping to $22.95 week-days after school begins.

These is also a Macaroni Kid Discount for Annual Passes:
Public Pricing
for an Adult/$64.95 Child/$47.95/ Senior $53.95 plus taxes.
Macaroni Kid
pricing Adult/$58.95 Child/$42.95/Senior $48.95 plus taxes.

There is also a great summer promotion that ony lasts through August 9th called Imagination Nights at the special ticket price of just $19.95 per person, plus tax. Read details HERE (and in This Week's Picks!)

The Macaroni Kid Discount can be used anytime, all year. Please be sure to tell your friends about Macaroni Kid so that they can use this discount page as well!

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