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O Story Story Reading Apps for Kids

July 25, 2012

Fun and Educational, Your Preschooler is Guaranteed to Love Robots, Wendy & Max Moo Too!

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For about the last six months we've had a battle in my house - a battle over MY iPad. MINE!!!  Sometimes I feel like a kid myself because I'm always fighting with my children about technology. Drew has his Touch, Jack has a Mobigo. Why can't they just leave MY iPad alone? Sadly, I need them to help me use it half the time - I think my 4-year-old was born with a chip in his head - essentially a "How to use an iPad" manual. When I have a question, my boys say, "Silly mommy, don't you know how to do THAT?" And then their little fingers go to work.

The good news is that I'm becoming more adept at finding apps that are appropriate for kids. And not only appropriate, but truly educational. Thanks to the iPad, my kids want to read on their own. It's more fun with a gadget you know? And with great apps such as Parenting’s O Story Story collection now available, suddenly I'm offering up my iPad willingly to my kids.

O Story Story is a line of interactive picture book and learning game apps for children. The O Story Story collection features original artwork and reading lessons created by Media Play Entertainment, with titles that focus on helping children ages 2 to 5 develop key pre-K educational skills.

The O Story Story book series is designed to provide engaging learning experiences for preschoolers on the iPad, Kindle and Nook tablet devices. Each book in the series combines unique functionality with high quality hand-painted artwork and helps children develop a variety of early reading skills, including word recognition, spelling and memory games. (The spelling apps are also available for iPhone.)

Jack's favorite is When Things Go Wrong with Robots. What child doesn't love robots? This book includes spelling games and playful puzzles embedded throughout the pages of the story. Narration is accompanied by highlighted text to reinforce word recognition. The book is developed to support the young reader with both Read to Me and I Can Read modes. When the story ends, kids can play games -  the Match-o-Rama match game is one, and a Robot Puzzle Gallery allows kids to build their own robots!  Jack loves to "read" these on his own, but it's equally fun to read/play them together. Technology truly is amazing!

For less than $12 you can purchase the entire collection. I just can't wait for more to be released.

Parenting’s O Story Story collection includes the apps below. CLICK on each to read more or to purchase!

•    Wendy’s Giant List of Things to Do Before She Takes a Nap ($2.99)
•    Wendy’s Giant List of Things to Spell ($0.99)
•    When Things Go Wrong with Robots ($2.99)
•    Things That Robots Spell ($0.99)
•    Max Moo: The Case of the Pig in the Blanket ($2.99)
•    Max Moo: The Case of Things To Spell ($0.99)

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