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Make Your Own Olympic T-Shirt

August 1, 2012

Macaroni Made

By: Kelley Stryer, MK Publisher
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Kelley Stryer

Your kids will have so much fun making these t-shirts and rooting for their favorite athletes!



Plain colored T-Shirt
Fabric paint
Star shape cookie cutters
Paper plates for paint
Iron-on letters











What to do:

1.  Wash the T-shirt.

2.  Cut out iron-on letters and iron into place on T-shirt, following package instructions.

2. Pour a thin layer of paint onto paper plate or other shallow dish.

3. Dip star cookie cutter into the paint (make sure the entire bottom part of the cookie cutter is covered with the paint, but you don't want it dripping with the paint).

4. Press cookie cutter onto t-shirt and start decorating!

5. Let the shirt dry overnight.

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