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Thanks to America!

August 1, 2012

Enterprise Pledges to Plant 50 Million Trees!

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A lot of companies talk about “doing good”, and a lot of companies even do a little bit here or there. But when a company pledges to plant 50 million trees, we sit up and take notice. Enterprise, the largest car rental company in North America has made this pledge, and they are calling the campaign “Thanks to America”.

For the past 7 years Enterprise has planted a million trees a year in the USA and they will continue to over the next 43 years. And they are using the 2012 London Olympics broadcast as a platform to share their pledge. Why the Olympics? The Olympic Games align with the values, can-do spirit and heritage of Enterprise as an American success story.  You can see their commercial below.

And if you go to their Facebook page, you can dedicate a tree to someone special, an athlete, a friend or loved one as a way of saying “thanks”.  According to a recent survey from Enterprise, saying “thank you” can have a significant positive impact; however, more than 70% of Americans feel that, as a society, we simply don’t say “thank you” enough. The “Thanks To America” campaign is yet another way that Enterprise demonstrates appreciation to its customers – and encourages them to say thanks to others in return.

So, thanks to Enterprise for planting so many trees, thanks for reading Macaroni Kid, and thanks to America.

Enterprise is a sponsor and supporter of Macaroni Kid.

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