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THIS WEEK! Labor Day Activities & Much More

August 29, 2012

Smyrna Vinings Marietta Macaroni Kid - Your Weekly Events & Activities Newsletter

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I've been trying all morning to get this edition finished and out early. But it is with mixed emotions as I can't take my eyes off the TV and focus on work.

Today is the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As a New Orleans native, with many family and friends still in the city, it's hard to watch another storm pounding and threatening the region. It's highly unlikely this storm will have such a devastating affect. But we wait - as the rains continue, and wonder just how much the levees and the city can take.

On Friday we are supposed to be headed to New Orleans - to visit family, but also to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (yes I got married during hurricane season in New Orleans). Once you would have had a party... I don't think hurricane parties are all that popular anymore.

My heart hurts today. But I do have these photos to remind me of the two (make that three) most amazing things in my life, which have come in the last ten years - my marriage to Ken, and my two boys. Whether we are here in Atlanta on Saturday or in New Orleans, we will be celebrating. To my family - all my family - I love you!

WINNERS! If you made it this far, have a nice Labor Day weekend (hopefully the rain will stay away). And congrats to the winners of last week's giveaways too: For THE KING AND I, Beth F.; For Disney DVD set: Matt L., Claudia P., and Lisa H.; For "Chimpanzee" on Blu Ray /DVD - Adrienne B. and Lana W. Enjoy!

Labor Day Weekend events are highlighted in THIS WEEK'S PICKS. Some corn mazes are opening too! Might be a good weekend to venture out a bit and try something new.

Below - Don't forget that there are articles AFTER the events section too! For example, HERE IS a helpful article on sorting school papers that I personally need to take to heart! I have a hard time finding empty counter space these days...


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