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Get Closer to Amazing Animals with Nat Geo Toys

August 29, 2012

How About a Big Dig Bear Claw?

By: Macaroni Kid HQ
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Kids love animals and are naturally curious about them.  Now you can encourage this curiosity with the new line of creative, animal-inspired toys from Uncle Milton based on the popular Nat Geo Wild TV network dedicated entirely to animals. These toys bring to life the amazing looks and abilities of different animals in fun ways that kids can relate to.

With the Big Dig Bear Claw your WILD kid will feel just like a powerful bear as they use a realistic looking bear claw to dig their way through almost anything: dirt, mud, sand, and more. It’s perfect for the beach or the sand box! The Big Dig Bear Claw is so lightweight and has a handle that is easy to hold, even for little hands. 

The Curl and Coil Snake Light, a realistic looking eastern green mamba snake, will twist and turn its way around your kid’s arm! It's ready to strike a bright beam of light whenever they open its mouth! Or close its mouth and watch its eyes glow a mysterious red. When its mouth is open wide, it can also be great reading light for your WILD kid! Maybe they’ll be reading more about snakes.  


Have your WILD kids ever wanted to watch an animal hatch from its egg? With the new WILD Hatchers, it’s so easy for them to do. The animal egg goes in water and within 24 hours the shell will start to crack. As the animal hatches it will slowly grow up to 4 times its original size. There are 3 different WILD animals available: sea turtle, penguin, and cobra.  Each one has a different size egg, just like the real eggs.


The WILD RC Tarantula is sure to stir up a big surprise! It has light-up eyes and crawls across the floor with real spider-like movement using your own remote control. Your WILD kid will go WILD as they are able to secretly maneuver this tarantula in any direction towards an unsuspecting discoverer.

With these Nat Geo WILD toys and others like the Anteater Bug Vac, your kids are sure to be inspired to “get closer” and learn more about these fascinating animals. You can find most Nat Geo Wild toys at Amazon.com.

Also, you can now find a new Nat Geo Wild puzzles and games featuring high quality, up close photographs of these amazing animals in their natural environment – now available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.com and select Barnes & Noble stores.

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