I'm Failing Second Grade Math!

September 19, 2012

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Are you smarter than a fifth grader? I doubt I am...seeing as I'm not quite grasping second grade math. Lately I've been struggling with Drew's homework. I mean, struggling to HELP him with his homework!  I knew this would be a problem as the kids got older. It's been a long time since I was sitting behind a school desk. But I thought I'd be okay working with a 7-year-old. Apparently not! Case in point: Drew had what seemed like simple math word problems to complete. Except for the part where there is a work space, and he's supposed to explain how he got his answer. He told me, "I counted in my head!" Well, that seemed like a logical answer to me, so I told him to write that out. I thought maybe this was a spelling exercise. WRONG ANSWER!

Luckily this evening I was able to attend a class his teachers were giving parents on the new math common core curriculum. If you have a child in Georgia Public Schools (not sure about private), this is the NEW MATH that the state has adopted (along with most states in the U.S.) - and it's very different from the way we learned it back in the day. The curriculum involves teaching strategies for addition and subtraction (in the case of second graders) which include things like Counting On/ Counting Back; Doubles/ Near Doubles; Making Tens and Place Value. The new math strategy does NOT include carrying over numbers - at all. So take what you thought you new about simple addition and forget it. You need to go back to school (or do some research) if you want to help your kids.

Anyway, I now know what Drew is supposed to be writing in those word problem work areas. And it's not "I counted in my head!"

If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, and you have a child in Georgia Public Schools, make sure to ask your child's teacher about the core curriculum and read up on the program. Some basics can be found HERE. Many thanks to the teachers at Nickajack for taking the time to teach us! Though I'm still perplexed by place value subtraction...

Along the same lines, I realized early this school year that I am NOT a good teacher. At least not for my own child (no patience goes both ways). So I've enlisted the help of one of my advertisers, The Tutor Doctor, to assist at home with Drew's reading and writing. We had our first session today, and I feel a giant sense of relief! He's much happier having an actual teacher work with him (versus one very frustrated mom), and was so proud of the work they did together. We're just looking to build confidence now - having a boy with a late birthday provides an extra challenge. And I think this will be the first step in the right direction.

If you'd like to find out more about Tutor Doctor (especially if I just scared you with all that new math talk), contact Krystn Rees for a free consultation - krees@tutordoctor.com. She will help match you with a tutor who's a fit for your family. Plus, save $50 towards sessions booked before Sept. 30th when you mention Macaroni Kid!

Now I just have to put our dog Stoli back in doggie daycare so that a "stranger" can come into our home. She needs a little more training herself...

Enough school talk! Tons of fun things are happening this weekend and in the week ahead.  

WINNER! Congrats to the winner of our giveaway last week
- Laura B. won 2 tickets to see WAR HORSE this coming Tuesday at the Fox Theatre. It's going to be an amazing show.

ARTICLES: Don't forget there are quite a few articles (including Kids Eat Free and Homeschoolers Guide) AFTER the event listings so keep scrolling!

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PS - I am looking for great educational apps to share on my PINTEREST page. Know of a great reading or math app? Comment here or email me at michelles@macaronikid.com!

Have a great weekend!


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1) Trisha Kern said:
So what was wrong with math the way we learned it? It still works for me! Except that I have to admit, I'm pretty reliant on a calculator these days and I confess to forgetting some of my times tables. Did I really just put that out in Cyberspace?! And don't tell Drew's teacher, but I still absolutely count in my head!
4 years, 4 months ago

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