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Want a Wash? Car Detail at Your Home for Just $99

September 27, 2012

Mention Macaroni Kid and Save $26 (Regularly $125) Through Oct. 6th

By: Adria Whitford, Want-A-Wash
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Summer is tough on a car - well not the season itself but the activities! The sunscreen our kids wear rubs off on the seats, the sand and dirt gets ground into the carpets, and no matter how hard we try to avoid spills, a little snack always gets dropped. Each of these little things: sand, sunscreen, and spills over time make a big impact on our cars. In addition if you did any traveling you most likely have extra bugs stuck to the front. Most people don’t realize what long term damage these can do if not removed. What’s the solution? The exterior needs to be hand washed with a detail solution to be sure all of the bugs are removed, then waxed. Wax will not only make the car look great but also protect the paint and help keep the car clean longer. The interior needs a wipe down of all vinyl and leather, vacuum the entire car, and shampoo all carpet or upholstery. It’s important to use all high quality cleaners and be mindful of scents. 

My company, Want A Wash, provides a mobile (we come to you) detailing service. People always ask me how often you should detail a car. We have several clients that get a detail once a quarter, some as often as once a month, and some as little as once or twice a year.  No matter how often you choose, people are always surprised at what all a detail gets clean - i.e. Got a little too close to your garage wall? Headlights looking a little foggy? Is there a stain that just won’t come clean? Does the car have an odor that won’t go away? In most cases we can alleviate these problems.

Our mobile detail service is $125, but we're offering it for $99 for Macaroni Kid readers until Oct. 6th. Book online at www.wantawash.com and put MK in special instructions so we’ll know to discount your detail. 

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