Play National Geographic's Animal Jam

Virtual Animal World Encourages Kids to Discover Science and Nature

August 5, 2010

As kids get back to the school routine, parents often struggle to get them in the right frame of mind. National Geographic has just made it a little easier with the launch of National Geographic Animal Jam ( -- a new virtual world for kids that puts the fun back into learning. I briefly checked out the site myself, and I can tell that Drew and I are going to have a ton of fun with it. I can't give you a personal review because he hasn't had a chance yet to play, but the information below will give you a good idea of what the site is all about. Or, you can just go check it out with your kids and see what you discover on your own!


Designed especially for kids from five-to-nine-years-old, Animal Jam takes what kids love to do and helps them transform into and see the world through the eyes of their favorite animals. Kids and parents can explore together, play games and earn ribbons, badges and trophies. 


A captivating virtual world that gives players the opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite animals, National Geographic Animal Jam encourages kids to celebrate their individuality and unleash their imaginations as they journey through the many lands of Jamaa. Curious “animals” will find a rich world to explore, from the beaches of “Crystal Sands,” to the tree village of the “Sarepia Forest,” and the mysterious ruins of the “Temple of Zios.”  As they uncover the secrets of this constantly changing world, players will enjoy games, win trivia challenges, chat with friends and learn about science and nature. Players can access video features, photos and facts about animals, plants and insects in a game world that encourages them to move from the virtual to the natural world by exploring nature right in their own neighborhood backyard.                                                             


Playing National Geographic Animal Jam is a new experience each time players join in. As they explore Jamaa, they gather and earn Gems, which they can use to personalize their animal avatars and decorate their own animal den. As they progress on their journey, they uncover the story of the animals of Jamaa who themselves are on a quest to discover the origin of the Spirit Stones, artifacts of a past age that give each animal species its unique characteristics. The Phantoms of Jamaa have stolen many of the Spirit Stones, and as a result, the animals’ numbers have dwindled. The animals are helped in their quest to recover the stones by the Shaman Ring of elder animals, who act as player guides. On their journey, players learn the importance of respect for nature and for each other, common themes in National Geographic Animal Jam’s ongoing story.


Players can also create their own content that will appear in the virtual world, including hosting special in-world parties or contributing their own artwork that could be featured in the in-world newspaper, Jamaa Journal. Parents can feel confident their kids will be playing and interacting with other kids in a safe, monitored online environment. The virtual world is supervised 24/7 by moderation technology as well as professional moderators who uphold both safety and good conduct in the world. National Geographic Animal Jam will also be free of the advertising and product promotions.


National Geographic Animal Jam is free for anyone to play. In early September 2010, following a beta-testing phase, players will also be able to sign up for a paid membership to the world. Members will have access to additional content and special features, such as the ability to transform into multiple animal characters as well as experience new lands, games, rewards, bonus Gems, adventures and videos.