Music and Arts Lessons Online

Clarinet Lessons from home

By Victoria Stanton Smyrna Macaroni Kid Publisher December 7, 2020

My oldest daughter loves the private clarinet lessons at Music and Arts! She has been taking lessons for a few years and I have seen the most enthusiasm as well as growth while practicing over the past few weeks with Travis. The program focuses on meeting the students where they are at and building upon their skills. Amira, who just this year really started to grasp the concept of reading music, has been concerned about how she will be able to practice and not lose this skill. As she tells it, "It's one thing to practice what you have learned in class but another to practice and apply those skills and build upon it."  


While we are actively social distancing, my job of trying to keep my kids engaged in some sort of normal with the activities and instruments they love has been hard. Thankfully, Music & Arts has made it easy by offering music lessons virtually. 

At Music and Arts, students are energized and motivated by their instructors to discover music. Initially, my daughter was very apprehensive about how virtual lessons would work and be beneficial for her. One takeaway she had was when she is normally in band class she isn't able to stop the teacher and ask a lot of questions. Also, the band class moves at a much faster pace, with Music & Arts private lessons, she is able to be a more active learner and get the personal attention a beginner musician needs.

Music & Arts are conveniently located in East Cobb and West Cobb, so whether you are looking for in-person or online music instruction, they offer exactly what you need. 

*I was compensated for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own.