Faulcon Prep Academy

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By Courtney Spencer January 13, 2022

Faulcon Prep Academy is more than a preschool. It is a creative, inclusive, nurturing environment, that is the brainchild of owner Tierra Renee Faulcon. Specializing in social and academic development, Faulcon Prep Academy is the only licensed in-home preschool in Smyrna serving children between the ages of 3-5 years. Several programs are offered to meet the needs of your family and assist with your child’s educational journey. The programs include the traditional day program, where students attend Monday- Friday from 9am – 2pm; afternoon tutoring sessions on Monday and Wednesday from 2:45-3:45pm, with the themes “Madness Math Mondays”, and “Wacky Writing Wednesday”; and summer sessions for children between the ages of 4-7 years.


The owner who is referred by her families as “Ms. Tierra”, gutted her basement and created a preschool complete with an ELA room, bathroom, kitchen area, and open space for multiple indoor centers. After following a rock path, you enter the school through its own entrance and are greeted by colorful walls, a mural depicting children of diverse backgrounds, and artwork created by students. The physical layout was intentionally designed to follow the flow of the school day. For a moment, you will likely forget that Faulcon Prep Academy is located inside of a home. Outside, in the large, fenced, backyard you will find opportunities for STEM activities, the school garden, club house, and playground.


Faulcon Prep Academy offers a small class size with a maximum of a 1:8 teacher student ratio. This allows students to have the opportunity to experience more individualized lessons to meet their needs. Monthly field trips are planned to supplement the curriculum that focuses on Social Studies, Science, Math, Handwriting, and Social Skills. Building genuine relationships with students and their families, Ms. Tierra has cultivated a learning environment that allows preschool students an opportunity to show mastery in Kindergarten Cobb County Performance Standards. Several students have tested and entered first grade, skipping kindergarten after attending Faulcon Prep Academy.


Faulcon Prep Academy is the only licensed in-home preschool in Smyrna serving children between 3-5 years with a focus on kindergarten readiness. It has the highest 2 Star Quality Rating currently available to new programs during the pandemic, accepts CAPS, participates in the Child Food Program, and offers vegetarian and plant-based meals often harvested from the school garden and prepared by the students. Ms. Tierra is CPR and AED certified and has an AED on site.

About the Owner

Ms. Tierra brings a special energy and passion to Faulcon Prep Academy. She has dedicated her career and life to supporting, educating, and cultivating a love for learning in our young people. She is an honor graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work. Ms. Tierra spent many years as a Child Protective Services Investigator in Virginia for the same locality that she was once a foster child. In 2019 she was able to bring her vision of Faulcon Prep Academy to fruition. Since the issuance of her license, she has maintained her roster at full capacity each year and will start accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year on January 8.