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By Rebecca Sylvain May 17, 2022

Welcome to Macaroni KID Symrna-Vinings!

Want to know what to expect from Macaroni KID Symrna-Vinings? 

You will find a complete calendar of Symrna-Vinings GA event listings, and, as we build up our local content, articles featuring everything from  Symrna-Vinings businesses my family loves to lists of Symrna-Vinings best playgrounds. You'll also find fun crafts, family-friendly recipes, and ideas for at-home family fun.

My goal? Make Macaroni KID Symrna-Vinings THE go-to source for you to find your family fun in Symrna-Vinings!

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About me

I am Rebecca Sylvain. I am honored to be your publisher in the Smyrna-Vinings area and am extremely happy to be the one to tour you around and give useful information about childcare, family-focused articles, parenting tips, kid’s meal recipes, crafts, and more.

Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor fun with your kids and family festivals, Smyrna Vinings (sometimes known as “Sminings”) is a hot spot for you. We gather together all kinds of childcare blogs, local family events and activities each week and send it directly to your e-newsletter.

If you want to know the best parenting tips, family-related events and anything about childcare in our area, click the link below and subscribe. I couldn't be more thrilled and excited about this opportunity to be with you all!

About Macaroni KID

Macaroni KID Smyrna-Vinings is part of a national organization that includes local publishers in nearly 500 towns across the United States and Canada. 

In 2020, Macaroni KID merged forces with CertifiKID, a nationally-recognized website that offers discounts on kids' activities and family experiences. This merger means that by following Macaroni KID Smyrna-Vinings you'll find not only the best local content, but also deals on family-friendly shows, getaways and more! 

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