Easter Basket Making Tips Without The Stress!

Last Minute Tips To Create The Perfect Easter Basket

By Rachelle Nelson, Publisher Macaroni KID Smyrna Vinings March 15, 2024

I find Easter to be a really enjoyable holiday. It’s a great opportunity to make lasting memories with family and friends. It may be one of my favorites! 

Starting in February, right after Valentine’s Day, I start collecting things for curating fun Easter baskets. I try to beat the rush into the stores before all the neat and interesting things are gone. I use my finds to make baskets for babies, young kids, high schoolers, and even young adults in college or freshly graduated. The older kids appreciate it more than the younger kids. I think it may be because they miss being a kid and being included in these special moments. I love to make their day! 

While I may start hunting and gathering for my Easter finds early on, most of my clan does not. Usually, they are left to tap into their creativity and try and make an Easter basket for their kiddos from the day before to a week before. So if this sounds like you, I find you to be the norm! 

However, don’t fret! Here are some tips to make curating your kid’s Easter basket less stressful and more enjoyable, even if you decide to make your Easter basket the day before Easter! 

Tip #1: Ditch the exclusive holiday items

By now there may be a few Easter items left in stores however, some of the items you may find may not be worth it. Instead of focusing on Easter items exclusively, consider going down other aisles in-store where you can find fun, useful, and appreciated treats and gifts. The only difference; it may not have easter bunnies on it. They’ll like it just the same, or more! 

Tip #2: Go with a theme

Instead of searching for only Easter-themed finds, try focusing on a favorite color or a favorite character. Color-coordinated baskets filled with snacks, treats, toys, and products are a fun personal touch for anyone receiving an Easter basket. Other themes could feature a coordinated topic such as “Hair and Makeup” or “Dinosaurs”. I coordinated a dinosaur-themed basket for a 3-year-old close family friend who has been obsessed with dinosaurs for the past year. I know he will love it! Whichever theme you choose, these types of Easter baskets have a truly “wow” effect! 

Tip #3: Ditch the traditional Easter basket 

So, are you hard-pressed to find the perfect size and color basket? Don’t be! Instead, think of other containers that can be repurposed after the Easter holiday, and its treats, have passed. Try using a square-shaped bin, a reusable bag, or a storage container. And if you want to keep in line with your theme, think about containers that go along with it. Try using a cosmetic bag or a shower caddy if you have a “Hair & Makeup” theme. Another fun idea is using a baseball cap, turned upside down, and filling it with baseball-related items. 

Whatever it is that you decide, leave the stress behind, and have fun with this holiday task! I hope these tips help you get excited about this upcoming Easter holiday. 

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