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Shakeology/Team Beachbody - Welcome New Advertiser

May 16, 2012

Lose Weight, Get Fit & Healthy With The Team Beachbody Products & Program

By: Brenda Plaugher
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I started with Shakeology and P90x close to 90 days ago. The program is through "Team Beachbody". I had not been feeling good or happy with the way I looked, so I decided to try "another" weight loss program (my 3rd time!) and also headed back to the gym...with no success. In the meantime I watched another friend who was having tremendous success with her weight loss progress - she had lost 175 pounds through Team Beachbody! I woke up one morning and decided I could not take feeling and looking unhealthy any longer. I decided to try Shakeology/Team Beachbody and join their 90-day challenge. I ordered my shakes and and P90x workout DVDS, and got to work. Since then I've lost a couple of sizes and can fit back into ALL my clothes. My migraines have been eliminated, indigestion issues are gone, and more. I also experienced an increase in energy and kick started my metabolism - not an easy feat in your mid 40s. And the best part...I'm finally HAPPY! I’ll be doing the Les Mills Deluxe challenge and can’t wait to see how my mind, body, and spirit will change.

These delicious shakes give me all the nutrition I need - with just one shake a day! It's 100% natural. If you purchased all the supplements that you can get in just one of these drinks it would cost more than $250! Replace one meal a day with Chocolate, Greenberry, or Tropical Strawberry (Vegan) to increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, improve digestion and regularity, and transform your health. They are great supplements even if you aren't looking to lose weight! Read more about Shakeology on my website by CLICKING HERE. The packages also come with recipes (for example, add strawberries and a teaspoon of peanut butter to the chocolate shake - yum!).

This is where your lean, hard body and fit lifestyle begins. Whether you want to lose weight, get totally ripped, or just get healthy, Beachbody's best-selling fitness programs are the most effective way to reach all of your goals. Our DVDs are fun, high-energy, and designed to get you into the best shape of your life. Along with the workouts you get great support from the online community. You can get meal plans, tips, Q&A, and even enter a contest for extra motivation and money!

Move it, Groove it, lose it!
This is my own “Secret,” private FACEBOOK page for my challengers. No one can see it except us. There you will find great support and can chat with others about their challenges and what motivates them. This was key for me. I needed to know I was not alone in my feelings and challenges.

As a full-time mom, business owner, wife, and now a Team Beachbody coach, this is a wonderful way to get all the support and motivation I needed in the comfort of my own home. Whether you want to start with just the Shakeology drinks, or jump into action by joining my next 90-day challenge (you can choose any of the programs within the challenge, not everyone will do the same one) - the main takeaway is...JUST DO SOMETHING!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions about Shakeology, Team Beachbody or the next upcoming challenge.

You can order products direct from my website


* Personal Note from Michelle: I'm trying the Shakeology drinks as a meal supplement. I KNOW I don't get the nutrition I should from food alone (eating kids' leftovers at dinner doesn't really cut it). So I'm having a shake a day (lots of different recipe options if you want to pull out the blender and add fruit!). We'll see how it helps my energy level - and possibly my headaches too! So just a note that this program isn't only about weight loss. If you miss meals like I do, you should give these shakes a try!