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Row, Row, Row Your Boat! Olympics - And Cruising..

July 25, 2012

Smyrna Vinings Marietta Macaroni Kid - Your Weekly Events & Activities Newsletter

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And The Race is On! Centennial Olympic Games Museum at Atlanta History Center
The 2012 Summer Olympic Games begin with the Opening Ceremony this Friday, July 27th in London. I'll be flying over London during the Games (literally), but unfortunately I won't be making a stop in the U.K.  However, during my Baltic Cruise, I'll be visiting countries including Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Sweden. 

Instead of touring castles in every city, since I'll be on London time (almost), I may have to make a few pub stops (not sure what they're called where I'll be going) to see the action live on TV. For example, it could be fun to visit a bar in Estonia and watch as some of their 34 athletes participate in the games. That day I'll actually be doing a bike tour (if you know me, you might find this amusing). The tour is labeled strenous - but then it also says ages 5 and up, so I'm hoping I'll manage okay!

There are 443 athletes from the Russian Federation competing in the games. Many, of course, are gymnasts. We'll be spending two days in St. Petersburg. How interesting it might be to be able to watch with the locals...that's if our tour allows the stop (no VISA).

So while I may not be curled up on my couch watching as I normally would, I hope I get to experience the 2012 Olympics in a very different way - with people from countries far away as they cheer on their own athletes.

In case you weren't aware, Atlanta History Center has a fabulous exhibit called the Centennial Olympic Games Museum. CLICK HERE for a preview! Jack attended History Camp at the Center in June. We had a fun time visiting the Olympic exhibit on the last afternoon of his camp. And he was even awarded a medal, which he often wears - and proudly! (Not the best picture but you get the idea!)

Info From the Atlanta History Center Website: The 1996 Centennial Olympic Games changed Atlanta forever and accelerated its transformation from Southern capital to international city. For seventeen days, Atlanta was the focus of the entire world. Those seventeen days in 1996 represented a decade’s worth of aspirations, striving, and triumphs. That remarkable achievement is preserved and celebrated at the Centennial Olympic Games Museum at the Atlanta History Center.

Located in the Fentener van Vlissingen Family Wing, the museum guides visitors through the history of the Olympic movement, from the inception of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece through the modern Olympic Games to the seventeen days of Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Games and its legacy.

Themes including the three-year-long Olympic bid process, financing the Games, building sports facilities, involving the local community, and welcoming the world to Atlanta are presented through a combination of objects, audio-visual elements, and interactive displays. The athletic drama is presented in a panorama that incorporates artifacts, sculpture, photographs, and illuminated panels along an indoor running track. In addition, a media presentation offers large-screen highlights from the Games. Other highlights include America’s only complete collection of Olympic torches and medals.

This is a great way to teach your kids about the Olympics, and to show them some pretty cool things too - including real Olympic medals and torches. There's even a mini zip-line for kids to help demonstrate just how far a long jumper really can jump. See the PLAN AHEAD section for a special GO FOR THE GOLD event taking place at the Atlanta History Center on August 11th.

We had some winners here too this week! No medals, but tickets! Congrats to Mary S., winner of the 4 tix to see Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan on Aug. 9 at the Fox Theatre. And to L. Schwartz, winner of the 4 tix to see The Emperor and The Nightingale this Saturday. Make sure to check out the Macaroni Kid Reader Discount Offers to see how you can save on tickets too these shows and more!

I'll be publishing an edition early next Wednesday...before leaving for my trip. Then I'll be taking a week off from Macaroni Kid! I won't have a special back-to-school issue for you. But that's in part because I'm simply not ready to believe summer vacation is nearly over!

Have a great weekend. I'll be at the Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power! show on Friday night at Cobb Energy Centre. And then I assume I'll be home watching the London Opening Ceremony on tape delay...



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