Jitterbug Performing Arts in Smyrna

October 4, 2012

Offering Classes For Children 18 mos to 7 years, Parent's Night Out & Birthday Parties Too!

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Jitterbug Performing Arts is a unique program that combines music, drama, dance, and play! It aims to develop core social skills while igniting the imagination. The lessons are packed full of drama games and activities, new and familiar music and movement, and role-play; all of which develop valuable life skills such as self-confidence, communication, co-operation, body control, and creative thinking! Focusing on these skills in a noncompetitive atmosphere allows children to learn, grow, and freely explore new ideas.

At Jitterbug, the emphasis is on building confidence and imagination, not performance. Classes do include stage time and a final show for the children to take pride in, which they love. Many children, will develop a lifelong love for theatre, but clasees are not deliberately set up to teach children to be actors and performers. Performing arts has many benefits for children, all of which the teachers see every day, but first and foremost Jitterbug is about having lots and lots of fun!

Jitterbug director, Lindsay Prather, combined her two passions in life: children and theatre. Having seen tremendous growth in children involved in performing arts, it is her dream to help children learn priceless skills while having the time of their life! Lindsay began performing at age 3, and started performing professionally at age 12. After earning her B.A. in Theatre & Performance Studies, she couldn't wait to help children experience the same love for theatre she grew up with. Watching Jitterbug touch the lives of so many children is a dream come true!

All classes are held at Brawner Hall
3180 Atlanta Road SE Smyrna, GA 30080

Lights, Camera, Action: Ages 4-7
Calling all superstars!!! This hour long class will be create their own short film complete with previews, commercials, and bloopers! In December, your super star will walk the red carpet and fight off paparazzi to watch their movie on the big screen at their very own movie premier!
When: Tuesday at 3:30PM

All Jitterbugs: Ages potty trained-7
This 45 minute action packed class will get your kids movin'!
Best for siblings wanting to stay in the same class,
or other children wanting to make new friends! 
When: Tuesday at 4:30PM

Jitter-babies: Ages 18 months-potty trained
This 30 minute parent interactive class is designed to introduce young minds to music, dance & play. We will work on developing body control, rhythm and confidence!
When:  Wednesday at 3:00PM

Jitter-tots: Ages 2-3
This 45 minute class is full of singing, dancing & acting! Lessons are packed full of drama games and activities, music and movement, and role-play! 
When: Wednesday at 1:00PM

Jr. Bugs: Ages 3-4
This 45 minute class brings the stage to life!
Experience the joys of music, dance, and self-expression while we learn
skits, songs, and play games!
When: Wednesday at 3:00PM

Jitterbug Kids: Ages 5-7
This 45 minute class will prepare your child for the stage! 
Experience the joys of music, dance, and self-expression while we learn
skits, songs, and play games!
When: Wednesday at 4:00PM

If you are interested in holding a class at another time, let us know and we'll try to work it out!
We just need 5 children to hold a class!

Jitterbug also offers Parent's Night Out and Birthday Parties!
 For Classes (Schedule & Details): www.jitterbugperformingarts.com/brawner-hall-classes.html
 For Parent’s Night Out: www.jitterbugperformingarts.com/parents-night-out.html
 For Birthday Parties: www.jitterbugperformingarts.com/birthday-parties.html

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